Online Ecology Seminars August 24th - 26th

Remote Non-Academic Research Job

The future of the planet is in your hands. Join Single.Earth!

Your experience in Natural Climate Solutions can truly save the world. We save forests, wetlands, and other natural resources by making nature a part of the economy. 

Single.Earth is a diverse team of people united by passion for nature and scalable cutting-edge technology. If you’re ambitious like us, enjoy a good laugh, and value mental health, you could be a perfect fit!

We are looking for a brilliant Chief Research Officer to join our team. 

Wait no more if you have the following skills and credentials: 

  • PhD in ecology, environmental or climate studies, or any other field related to natural climate solutions

  • In-depth knowledge about carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and ecosystem services in different natural resources

  • Experienced in working with big data, and building scalable models

  • Excellent in written and verbal communication, including public speaking

  • Team player and a community builder at heart

    Chief Research Officer

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1 week to go! Register Now 🌟 "The New Zealand's Biological Heritage Eco-index: a programme to guide investment in biodiversity" Presented @WaikatoEri Seminar Series on August 25th, 12pm by @ecology_kiri & the Eco-index team. Abstract below: Image